Monday, April 22, 2013

Still sick.

I hate being sick. It's terrible. And I've been going in and out of it. I feel better, then I don't feel better. Headache goes away, then it comes back. My sinuses clear up, then they're blocked up again. It's just miserable. I painted my nails to cheer myself up a little, though, and I even attempted a little nail art.

This is the other polish I got from Gaby, OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips. It's such a pretty pink creme, and I think it really suits me. This is three coats, though I probably could've done with two if my hands had been steadier. I'm wearing it on my toes too, which is saying something because I never let my fingers and toes match.

And then, I decided to channel my inner Chelsea King. I love her and her nail art (who doesn't?), and I thought a holographic glitter placement would be perfect on this color. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a good picture before I ruined them (I hate being sick), so all I've got for this one is the instagram photo. Sorry y'all.

Hope y'all like. I'll be back on my feet soon, which will mean better pictures, at least. And with summer around the corner, nail art is on its way!

Oh! Before I forget again, when I was writing my last post, I kept feeling like I was forgetting something. I feel this way a lot, and usually I'm wrong, so I posted it anyway. Then, I got an e-mail that made me realize what I had forgotten: I won another giveaway, hosted by Rowan. She makes adorable false nail sets, and I won one! I can't wait to show you guys. (I even have nail tabs ready to go.) Thank you, Rowan! I love your nails, and I can't believe I forgot to say thank you before. Forgive me? <3

Until next time!
Kasey xo

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  1. Love the bling!! You are right, the color is amazing on you!!