Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Born Pretty Store "Ivory Soften Lotion" Review


I've got a little review today! A while back, when I won that gift card to Born Pretty, I bought a set of three nail care products - a base coat, a cuticle softening lotion, and a cuticle oil. I'm reviewing the Ivory Soften Lotion today since I couldn't find any reviews of it when I bought it and took a chance on something new.

(The above image was borrowed from the Born Pretty Store website, and is the property of Born Pretty Store.)

I've been using this for a little over two weeks now, and I think I can finally make a good call on it.

Firstly, my cuticles are really not bad. It doesn't take a lot of care for my cuticles to stay in good shape. That said, I often forget to take care of them like I should and they do get pretty ragged. When I bought this, I was under the impression that it was a cuticle remover, so when I first used it, I was a little disappointed. I have a couple problem spots in my cuticles that are hard and very difficult to remove, and this had almost no results on them. Upon this discovery, I revisited the site and realized that it was marketed as a "softening lotion", which gives less implication of removal and more of moisturization. However, it does say it "make the dead skin throw away easily," so I still expected some kind of ease in removing the cuticle.

Using this was simple - apply to the cuticle area and rub in. In my use, I apply it to one hand at a time, rub it in to each nail, then push back my cuticles. It has a milky consistency with white flecks of product that rubbed in easily. It gets filmy very quickly, but doesn't feel slimy or greasy when you rub it in. It took a week before I really felt that I saw results, but with consistent use, even my problem spots were looking a little better. With longer use, I'm sure it would continue in this pattern.

This really isn't for me, honestly. Maybe I'm spoiled on my Sally Hansen gel cuticle remover, but this milky texture really throws me for a loop and doesn't really give me the results I want. Like I said, I have problem spots that really look great after using the gel remover, and they just don't look anywhere near as nice after using this. It requires me to work a little faster than I want because of the filminess, and the results aren't as long lasting. It's really not a bad product, and for someone who wants a less harsh cuticle solution, this could be a good one. It's just not to my taste.

What do you think? What cuticle removers, softeners, and moisturizers do you like?

Until next time,
Kasey xo

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