Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fun with Diosa polishes! (Part II)


Here's the second post of this series of three!

This time I decided to play with my new striping tape. I'll do a review soon, once I've played with it a bit more. For now, here was my first fling with this amazing stuff! (Obviously Whitney is always in my subconscious. Any time I think I'm not obsessed with her anymore, she totally proves me wrong.)

Again, this was done with all Diosa polishes, "Fuschia Plans", "Somethin' Extra", and topped with "Vegas Pool Party". In retrospect, I kinda wish I had switched the pink and blue, but that's okay. I really like this. These colors just look so great together!

Using striping tape in this manner was so much easier than I thought it would be. It was a little flimsy and sometimes it didn't want to cooperate, but mostly it was just a dream to use. It creates such clean lines! I am definitely going to do more designs using this technique. (Even my boyfriend was impressed. ;))

Any tips for a striping tape newbie? What do you think of this combination?

Until next time,
Kasey xo

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