Friday, May 31, 2013

Extending your mani!


I've been visiting my parents' house for about a week now. My little brother is graduating from high school, and I have to see that!

I finally got some time to sit down and type up a blog post, so I thought I'd talk about cool ways to extend a manicure. My nails were painted pink, OPI Kiss Me on my Tulips. (Just as a short note, this is two weeks' growth from my baby nails, and I'm so excited to be letting my nails grow again!)

When you start to get tip wear or tiny chips, one way to cover them up and extend your mani is to add a gradient. (And some glitter - why not?) So, now you've got this fun, summery gradient mani!

And you can extend still further from here! A v-gap is a cool way to cover tip wear and chips, even some bigger chips toward the outer corners of your nails.

And your nails look like new every time! Even if you don't do your own nails, these are cool ways to keep looking fresh until your next nail appointment.

What are some ways you like to extend a manicure you're not ready to take off?

Until next time,
Kasey xo

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