Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nautical nails, and a mini review!


This is gonna be a loooong post. I'm currently out of town, at my friend's ranch for a party. I'm away from all phone and internet signal, and I'm loving it. So, this is a scheduled post to hold you over until I can return to do some nail art. Haha! (Warning, this is picture heavy 'cause I couldn't decide which one or two pictures to use.)

A few nights ago, I wanted to sit down and really do some nail art because I hadn't done that in a while. I have new polishes, new toys, and no idea what do with it all! Finally, I decided to do nautical art, since it's fun and cool and stuff, and I could use all this cool stuff I had. Yeah. Plus, I thought maybe I should use something other than Diosa polish? I've developed an unhealthy obsession with their brand. I want all the colors! Anyway... I love these. Revlon Royal, hand painted ropes and anchor, Hex Nail Jewelry ship wheel, striping tape, studs. So much loveee.

Starting with my thumbs, I used acrylic to paint an anchor and a rope on a red base. ELF Light Red, I think. I think my thumbs are my favorite out of everything! The anchor turned out better than I hoped and the ropes just looked cool. I did have a mishap and nearly ruined it all, but I think I salvaged it well.

On my ring finger (and on the others), I used gold striping tape and studs that I got from Born Pretty Store. I wanna do a separate review for those after I've done more with them. Learning curve, you know? Anyway, I'm not totally sure what I was going for, but it worked. Plus, I loved the texture pre-top coat. The only hard part was applying the studs. I used nail glue and I got it everywhere. Such bad cuticle flooding. I'm terrible at using nail glue. I used top coat after applying, but dishwashing stole most of them from me, despite all my best efforts. Oh well.

And, finally, my index finger featured the "Sailor's Wheel" charm from Hex Nail Jewelry! I thought this was so cool, and being such a sea spirit, it was one of the two charms I bought for myself (the other being a crab, 'cause I'm a Cancer).

I really love the charm. It's smaller on my nail than I thought it would be, but it's a nice fit, actually. The curve was perfect for my nail, so no weird edges. One of the pegs on the wheel was higher than the rest, but it wasn't too bad - just a couple hair snags in the shower. I applied it with a dab of nail glue, but I had to do it twice, because the first time, I applied the glue and placed the charm on my nail then discovered it was way off-center. That just wouldn't do! It came off easily, and it was easy to clean. I soaked it in hot water and soap for about 15 minutes then used an old toothbrush to clean off the glue. Other than a little glue in the spokes, it was like new. I opted not to top coat because they warned that use of acetone would wear the plating faster, and I didn't really want to deal with non-acetone remover to clean off top coat. It stayed really well, though. Even after all my studs fell off, the wheel was hanging on. I eventually picked it off for the sake of not losing it, in case it did fall off. I was so pleased with this charm, and with Hex Nail Jewelry. Fantastic customer support, great contact with their fans, high quality product. I'm definitely getting more of these in the future. What a fun, easy way to spice up a mani right?

Ahhh, I'm just in love with this manicure. I didn't want to take it off. Here, have more pictures.

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! As much fun as I'm having at the ranch, I can't wait to get back to all of you lovelies!

Tell me about what you're doing this weekend, or about your favorite mani you've done recently! 

Until next time,
Kasey xo

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