Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fun with Diosa polishes! (Part III)


The last post in this short series is upon us. Unfortunately, it feels anti-climactic. I wasn't nearly as happy with these designs as I was with the last two. And, I only used "Somethin' Extra" and "Vegas Pool Party" on these, so it feels even less cool.

I'll start by saying that the reason I'm not happy with this hand is that I really, really don't like to wear french manicures. Even funky french manicures. I've tried so many different ones, and I've never liked them on me. But, I thought, "Maybe I'll like a striping tape french." Thus, this was created. In concept, I like it. But, it just fell flat with me. However, Diana at Diosa liked it enough to share it on instagram and tweet about it! That was pretty awesome. I always like to see my work being shared.

The next design is what I wore on my Cinderella hand. Since I didn't like the french, I knew I didn't want to go to the trouble on the other hand, so I tried to do something that was a little more me. Graphic, bold, simple. Then, I embellished, and that's when I was disappointed. I thought the pearls would look great, but then I really didn't like them after all. I mean, the pearls themselves were fine, but I didn't like what I did with them. Blah. Plus, I forgot to topcoat the pearls and the finish rubbed off throughout the day. Lessons learned, I guess.

I felt like this was a nail fail. Fun designs in my head, not such a great execution on my part. But! After three designs with all Diosa polishes, I must say that I'm very impressed. Great colors, great application, great wear. A+ in my book! I'm a new fan of this brand, and I'm definitely going to purchase more in the future. Thank you Diosa for these polishes!

Tell me about your nail fails, or how you fixed a nail fail. Does this happen to you a lot, that you think something will be cool until you put it on your nails?

Until next time,
Kasey xo

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